Space Applications

AMDC GmbH is looking into future space applications linked to “New Space” and “Responsive Space”, including space system architectures, launcher concepts, green propellants, and new integrated space services for commercial and defence solutions.

Rockets and Launchers

Concepts for sounding rockets and space launchers that meet the criteria of “Responsive Space” – quick, cheap, and reliable access to space.

Liquid Rocket Concept

In-Space Propulsion

Design and prototyping of high performance propulsion systems, including detailed performance analyses, new prototyping approaches, spectral studies, revolutionary green propellants, and actual hot-fire tests.

Monitoring of worldwide rocket launches

AMDC manages a Global Launch Database of worldwide civilian and military rocket launches since World War 2. The data can be used for a huge variety of analyses and visualizations.

Global Rocket Launches with Intended Peak Altitude Above 80 km 2008-2017