Unmanned Aircraft Systems

AMDC is pursuing the development and research activities in the field of Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS). Our focus is on:

  • Flight simulation and validation
  • Object detection and classification with high performance onboard hardware, including AI-applications
  • Object tracking
  • Counter-UAS Solutions

These activities lead us to the design of own UA-platforms including software frameworks onboard, but also ground control station on the operator site.

High Performance UAS

AMDC GmbH offers solutions in the design of high-performance Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS).

The experimental UA manufactured by AMDC are equipped with state-of-the-art sensors, providing the flight state data with frequencies of up to 800 Hz. This allows the usage of complex filter structures to implement different controlling and navigation strategies.

The controller software is entirely designed and developed by AMDC. Besides the typical flight scenarios, it comes with extensive safety features and enables autonomous mission execution.

The flight cell is made of carbon reinforced and polycarbonate parts, resulting in a high thrust to weight ratio of approximately 4. The maximum hover duration comes close to 30 min.

The UA is equipped with a gimballed daylight camera and is capable of carrying various additional payloads. Besides the typical reconnaissance missions like object detection and classification, it can also perform Counter-UAS tasks.

High performance multicopter with >4g acceleration, gimballed camera system and onboard artificial intelligence system

Ground Control Station

AMDC designed a software framework to operate in-house UAS. It is capable of:

  • Mission planning and execution
  • Monitoring of UA parameters
  • Plotting of detected and classified objects
  • Transmitting position / telemetry information of potential targets