Counter-UAS Applications

In the last decades Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) have gained high acceptance and application variety in both: military institutions and paramilitary organizations. With a low radar cross section, low infrared signature, high autonomy and swarming capabilities they represent a significant threat to current military assets. Hence, the activities of AMDC GmbH in the field of Counter-UAS applications extend from providing Class 1 Unmanned Aircraft Target Systems (UATS) for training purposes to the research on potential C-UAS Effectors.

Unmanned Aircraft Target System

We offer UA Target Systems with excellent performance characteristics:

  • Autonomous flight
  • High precision, low altitude flight
  • Flight safety system onboard

C-UAS system with Interceptor-UA

Interceptor-UA in flight

Counter-UAS Effectors

We research and develop new approaches to encounter the UAS threat, given by low-cost and easily available Unmanned Aircraft (UA).

In the future, laser systems might be the backbone for Counter-UAS systems. However C-UAS-laser systems are not yet available and they are complex and heavy.

From our point of view, in certain cases the use of a Interceptor-UA could be beneficial for the defence against small drones. The interceptor-UA could be guided to the target by ground based sensors or even by a human being. After approaching the target it would use an AI-onboard system to detect and attack the small drone. All phases of the defence can be under the control of a ground operator.

Our experimental Interceptor-UA platform provides high-maneuvering capabilities (> 4 g) and a top speed of > 40 m/s to intercept all kinds of Class-1 UA with a total mass of up to 25 kg. It can operate at ranges of up to 5 km from the deployment position.

The main advantages of Interceptor-UA are the potential use in urban terrain and the low system price in comparison to high performance weapons. With an appropriate impact mechanism, the risk of collateral damage will be very low.

In addition such an Interceptor-UA can be used for supplementary applications, like reconnaissance or monitoring, supported by AI onboard systems.

In November 2020 first tests on target engagement were performed. These included engagements of hovering but also slowly maneuvering / evasive targets. Within the flight campaign crucial functions of the entire system and especially navigation and control algorithms were verified.