AMDC was founded as a consultancy company for Air and Missile Defence, which is still a core business area. We are convinced that well equipped armed forces are essential for every nation to secure peace and our intention is to contribute to this objective.

In the defence branch we focus on advising the German Bundeswehr and allied armed forces in the matters of military research and technology. Key activities lie in the analysis, conception, and evaluation of modern and modular Air Defence and Missile Systems, using innovative technologies.

Our staff has many years of experience in the areas of missiles, sensors, command & control, communication, and threat analysis. In addition, through cooperation with the defence industry, universities, and scientific aerospace research institutions, we apply highly specialized know-how to our analyses. Due to these close collaborations, we keep our knowledge up-to-date and make the most recent research results available to our customers.

AMDC conducts system analyses under various aspects. Usually, the primary focus is on the performance or effectiveness of the missile system. It is determined not only by the missile itself, but also by the other system components, in particular, the separate surveillance and fire control sensors. Also, safety, cost-effectiveness, and environmental compatibility are important aspects of system analyses. The most valuable tool for system analyses is the simulation.

Areas of Expertise